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  • Summer 21 and the Covid

    Summer 21 and the Covid

    Hey team Super excited to be getting back to ‘normal’ and even more excited that we are going to be running our trips. BOIYAKASHA! We do still need to be ware of this Covid stuff and as such we need to make sure we are doing a few bits and pieces to make sure that […]

  • Where’s your head at?!

    Where’s your head at?!

    Life can be an arse. Fact. The drudgery of the 9-5, family pressures, a complicated partner, money worries, health worries… LIFE! It’s weird – you can be perfectly fine, everything is going great… but somehow you can just feel MISERABLE! And your head can be your own worst enemy – it’ll blow everything out of […]

  • Top 4 tips for a great GoPro movie

    Top 4 tips for a great GoPro movie

    So many people come on our trips come armed with all kinds of wearable ‘action cameras’ – most commonly the GoPro. Fantastic, fully encouraged we loving seeing your videos. But, some of them are pretty rubbish and / or never make it for public viewing! Now, I’m not a pro but I see basic errors […]

  • Get to the Alps without flying!?

    Get to the Alps without flying!?

    Well, more specifically our little town of Morzine. There are loads of options to get to the Three Valleys, but it is less obvious to get to our end of the Alps without using Stelios’ orange fling machines… but it’s definitely possible and in many ways easier, particularly if you are coming from the South […]

  • Bag yourself a FREE ski trip!

    Bag yourself a FREE ski trip!

    When people take over one of our chalets there’s always one free place given to the organiser AND that person also gets a free all area 6 day Portes du Soleil lift pass. Why not make that person you!? We have two chalets running in Morzine, France. One has 12 beds, the other has 13. […]

  • Summer in the mountains? Really!!??

    Summer in the mountains? Really!!??

    Yep, really. In many ways the mountains are way better during the summer. Obvs, my passion and first love is the snow and all things sliding – but during the summer the mountains are B. E. A. UTIFUL!! And, they can get super warm. What’s not love about wild swimming in a mountain lake, spotting […]

  • Ready for Brexit?

    Ready for Brexit?

    HA! More like neverexit… One day our politicians might work it out for us. We’re ready for anything here at the HOFNAR experience. Obviously our UK activities are entirely unaffected, but for our European operations we are braced and ready for whatever is thrown at us. The HOFNAR experience Ltd now has a French branch […]

  • Are they singles holidays?

    Are they singles holidays?

    The short answer is ‘no’. But this is one of the most common questions I get asked. More and more people are travelling solo and with the HOFNAR experience almost 90% of our guests come along (at least for the first time) as individuals. Many then return with friends made on the trip and so […]

  • Les Gets is back!

    Les Gets is back!

    The UCI world cup tour is the event(s) of the world cup downhill biking calendar. Les Gets (the next village along from our base in Morzine) was one of the original routes on the tour, but it hasn’t visited the village since 2004, and that was an epic race. Les Gets has hosted Crankworx for […]

  • Mates’ Rates

    Mates’ Rates

    We want you to come back! As a result once you have been on a trip with us for at least 2 nights you are entitled to the Mates’ Rates discount on all future HOFNAR trips! Typically this is £50 off a ski / snowboard trip and £25 off a UK surf camp… just ask […]