Get to the Alps without flying!?

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Well, more specifically our little town of Morzine. There are loads of options to get to the Three Valleys, but it is less obvious to get to our end of the Alps without using Stelios’ orange fling machines… but it’s definitely possible and in many ways easier, particularly if you are coming from the South East of the UK.

Driving: If there’s a few of you together then this can work out a pretty good option. I reckon it takes about 9hrs to do the 545 miles from Calais – there are those that can do it in less, but they’ll be ragging it and not stopping much, I’m all up for stopping loads and taking it easy. It’s about £150 on the channel crossing (depending when you go), and the same again on the tolls… fuel, depends a little on your car. You can of course take as much baggage as your little car can handle… just make sure your chalet has room for you to park! (Both of ours do!)

Train: I love taking the train. Eurostar did run a direct service to Geneva a couple of seasons back, but there’s no sign of that for next year yet. So currently whichever route you take you’ll need to change in Paris (or maybe Lille). It’s not as daunting as it sounds, but it is a ball ache if you have masses of baggage. (Click here for a step by step guide) From Paris you can either catch a direct train to Geneva and then grab a transfer van up to resort OR take the overnight train to Cluses and grab the bus up into the resort. If you are under 26 the price comes right down, but I think £300 is fairly normal. – Click here for tickets

The Coach: You can go from London with Eurolines / OuiBus, change at a desperate bus station in Paris and end up in Geneva in the early hours. I think the better option is to go with SnowExpress. Get on at either Victoria or Folkestone and they’ll take you to Cluses, just 30 mins from Morzine and with an average price of £119 – it’s a steal. Particularly on those peak weeks…

Walking: Yeah, whatever… 🙂