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  • Early Bird discount ends!

    Early Bird discount ends!

    This is just a real short note to say get your place booked for skiing / boarding asap as the 10% off EarlyBird booking discount ends on the 31 Aug! Next Tuesday!! Use code EB22 at the checkout… AND if you have been away with us before you are ALSO entitled to £50 off MATESRATES! […]

  • Summer 21 and the Covid

    Summer 21 and the Covid

    Hey team Super excited to be getting back to ‘normal’ and even more excited that we are going to be running our trips. BOIYAKASHA! We do still need to be ware of this Covid stuff and as such we need to make sure we are doing a few bits and pieces to make sure that […]

  • Ladies, all the ladies!

    Ladies, all the ladies!

    In recent years there’s been a real growth in women-only travel and indeed solo travelling women-only holidays. There’s a whole host of reasons for this ‘phenomenon’ – it’s a great idea; being part of a ‘girl gang’ somehow makes everyone there feel more involved, more relaxed from the get-go, there’s so much encouragement and laughter. […]

  • Your mates are RUBBISH!

    Your mates are RUBBISH!

    Well, they are a bit aren’t they? At uni we all had a big squad of pals through lectures or through sports teams and other clubs. Everyone was always up for doing stuff; going out, going away, living life to the max. I get loads of people saying they wish they could go away and […]

  • Are you piste fit?!

    Are you piste fit?!

    For most of us we get one week in the mountains – this can be a huge change of pace for mind and body… to make the most of your trip, it helps to be at least a little bit fit. The sooner you can get working on a few moves, the better. Now for […]

  • ‘Doing a season’

    ‘Doing a season’

    Sounds easy doesn’t it! And now you get paid properly it’s a really great option to do either before you get started or as a career break. It used to be the case that you would be paid peanuts because you were having a ‘great experience’ – not so these days, the minimum wage applies […]

  • Surfing, the next step

    Surfing, the next step

    Loads of people go surfing – have a few lessons, stand up, ride into the beach, in the frothy water, in a straight line. Completed it mate… not quite. This is the first step though and brilliant fun that it is, you’ve work to do before people will mistake you for Kelly Slater. The next […]

  • Are you Spartan?

    Are you Spartan?

    Every year I think… maybe next year. The Spartan obstacle course races are EPIC and happen all over the world. Click on the banner to buy a ticket to any of the races ——> The Obstacle Course Races (OCR) are getting more and more popular and Spartan is surely one of the best. The Ultra […]

  • New ski lifts in Avoriaz for Dec 2019

    New ski lifts in Avoriaz for Dec 2019

    Last year (2018/19 winter) the all area Portes du Soleil lift pass was 268euros. It is a lot of money, but we do see almost every year new lifts and investment in our ‘back yard.’ Over in Les Gets there is currently a dirty great big hole in the hill to the right of the […]

  • That sinking feeling

    That sinking feeling

    I’m not a strong swimmer. I mean, I’m ok – but I don’t think I could rescue you and I’m always a little unsettled when I can’t touch the bottom. I think it hinders me; my paddling whilst surfing is the least efficient thing ever and it makes me not overly keen to ‘go out […]