Summer 21 and the Covid

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Hey team

Super excited to be getting back to ‘normal’ and even more excited that we are going to be running our trips.


We do still need to be ware of this Covid stuff and as such we need to make sure we are doing a few bits and pieces to make sure that we all stay clean and virus free whilst travelling with HOFNAR.

** The biggest thing we are going to ask everyone to do is to provide a negative Covid test result conducted on the day of travel (typically Friday)

Even if you have already been vaccinated we want you to do this (apparently you can still be a bit of a spreader…)

The testing kit is free to get from the NHS: so order a pack right now!

You can do the test and just half an hour later you get the result and after entering the result into the website you’ll get a text message. This is what we’ll ask you to forward your trip leader. to allow you to come away on the trip.

I know this is a pain – but I want us all to feel as unworried as possible.

** Whilst on the trip we will try and space out as much as possible and on the trips where there is shared accommodation, a window must be kept open overnight to ensure good ventilation.

** We also need you to agree to tell us if you fall ill (with Covid) after the trip so that we can contact everybody else.

Any further thoughts, worries, ideas – do let us know and potentially we can build in other things to allay your fears.

Let’s go!