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  • Ski / Snowboard Packing List

    Ski / Snowboard Packing List

    If you have never been away on a ski / snowboard trip before – it’s quite understandable that you might be a little confused about what you should be taking with you. The whole thing can be a little overwhelming. The first thing you need to know is that (unless you’re going to some poncey […]

  • Wrist guard or no wrist guard?

    Wrist guard or no wrist guard?

    We get asked this loads by beginner snowboarders. There is a debate out there and there is truth on both sides of the discussion but from our own experience the most common snowboard injury is a damaged wrist… People do say that if you wear a wrist guard then the injury sustained is more likely […]

  • Hallowe’en surf trip 2022

    Hallowe’en surf trip 2022

    We had a blast. In the end there were 27 of us staying at Retorrick Mill. The weather was a real mixed bag. Saturday morning the waves were a bit sketchy and the current was insane, but a few of us went in in the afternoon also and found some good ones, while the others […]

  • Trip to the Steam Rally?!

    Trip to the Steam Rally?!

    It’s not normally top of our activity list – we try to do active, exciting and sometimes ‘extreme’ things… but, we went on one of our regular surf weekends to Mawgan Porth last weekend and it turns out THE thing going on locally was The Annual Mawgan Porth Steam Rally… we had to go. There […]

  • A weekend hot air ballooning?!

    A weekend hot air ballooning?!

    As an active kind of company we try and get involved in all kinds of things and will never turn up our nose at doing something a little out of the ordinary…. so when long time pal of the HOFNAR experience Laurence Wigfield asked us to help crew his hot air balloon – we leapt […]

  • Can Brits still do a ski season in France?

    Can Brits still do a ski season in France?

    Yes. But it’s not as easy as it used to be. Supposedly there will be a reciprocal temporary worker agreement between the UK and France, but when? Who knows.. the rumour is that nothing will be changed until the Irish border situation is resolved…. so don’t hold your breath! As a British passport holder you […]

  • Llangollen in August

    Llangollen in August

    For this trip we went a little bit luxury and stayed in hotel!! Oooh! We stayed at The Hand hotel, right in the centre of town. It’s a little bit beaten up around the ages, but the rooms were clean and a full fry up each morning was definitely welcome!! We had a small crew […]

  • The Bikini Run

    The Bikini Run

    Strewth! This thing is growing in popularity. This was the 6th time that Avoriaz saw so many people do the famous ‘Star Wars’ run in the near-buff. This picture above is for attention only… next year there maybe that many. I think they are thinking the end of March again. We even saw our American […]

  • Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

    Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

    Well, obviously this maybe out of date as I type, but as of 16 Nov 21 this is where we are at… (For the most up to date rules check out UK government info here and French government info here) I know there are all kinds of viewpoints / opinions on all of this Covid […]

  • Early Bird discount ends!

    Early Bird discount ends!

    This is just a real short note to say get your place booked for skiing / boarding asap as the 10% off EarlyBird booking discount ends on the 31 Aug! Next Tuesday!! Use code EB22 at the checkout… AND if you have been away with us before you are ALSO entitled to £50 off MATESRATES! […]

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