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  • Trip to the Steam Rally?!

    Trip to the Steam Rally?!

    It’s not normally top of our activity list – we try to do active, exciting and sometimes ‘extreme’ things… but, we went on one of our regular surf weekends to Mawgan Porth last weekend and it turns out THE thing going on locally was The Annual Mawgan Porth Steam Rally… we had to go. There […]

  • A weekend hot air ballooning?!

    A weekend hot air ballooning?!

    As an active kind of company we try and get involved in all kinds of things and will never turn up our nose at doing something a little out of the ordinary…. so when long time pal of the HOFNAR experience Laurence Wigfield asked us to help crew his hot air balloon – we leapt […]

  • Llangollen in August

    Llangollen in August

    For this trip we went a little bit luxury and stayed in hotel!! Oooh! We stayed at The Hand hotel, right in the centre of town. It’s a little bit beaten up around the ages, but the rooms were clean and a full fry up each morning was definitely welcome!! We had a small crew […]

  • Summer 21 and the Covid

    Summer 21 and the Covid

    Hey team Super excited to be getting back to ‘normal’ and even more excited that we are going to be running our trips. BOIYAKASHA! We do still need to be ware of this Covid stuff and as such we need to make sure we are doing a few bits and pieces to make sure that […]

  • Ladies, all the ladies!

    Ladies, all the ladies!

    In recent years there’s been a real growth in women-only travel and indeed solo travelling women-only holidays. There’s a whole host of reasons for this ‘phenomenon’ – it’s a great idea; being part of a ‘girl gang’ somehow makes everyone there feel more involved, more relaxed from the get-go, there’s so much encouragement and laughter. […]

  • Covid and us…

    Covid and us…

    That bloody virus ruining all our fun. Ha! We shall prevail!! Sounds dramatic doesn’t it, but we shall and this is our current little plan for our summer weekend trips coming up. Firstly – if we have to cancel a trip due to Covid restrictions you’ll get all your money back, no quibbles. If you […]

  • Boardmasters weekend

    Boardmasters weekend

    OMG – Boardmasters is a cool festival. Perched on the clifftop above Watergate Bay this has to be one of the most beautiful, dramatic, epic settings for a music festival. And we are going to be there (7th Aug 2020). Well, at least the Saturday. Which (in my opinion) has the BEST lineup; Kings of […]

  • Where’s your head at?!

    Where’s your head at?!

    Life can be an arse. Fact. The drudgery of the 9-5, family pressures, a complicated partner, money worries, health worries… LIFE! It’s weird – you can be perfectly fine, everything is going great… but somehow you can just feel MISERABLE! And your head can be your own worst enemy – it’ll blow everything out of […]

  • Are you piste fit?!

    Are you piste fit?!

    For most of us we get one week in the mountains – this can be a huge change of pace for mind and body… to make the most of your trip, it helps to be at least a little bit fit. The sooner you can get working on a few moves, the better. Now for […]

  • Surfing, the next step

    Surfing, the next step

    Loads of people go surfing – have a few lessons, stand up, ride into the beach, in the frothy water, in a straight line. Completed it mate… not quite. This is the first step though and brilliant fun that it is, you’ve work to do before people will mistake you for Kelly Slater. The next […]