Covid and us…

That bloody virus ruining all our fun. Ha! We shall prevail!!

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it, but we shall and this is our current little plan for our summer weekend trips coming up.

  • Firstly – if we have to cancel a trip due to Covid restrictions you’ll get all your money back, no quibbles. If you have to cancel because you get the Covid then we can just move the date of your trip or put the money towards a ski trip, no quibbles.
  • We are limited to just 5 guests to start with (Daniel + you guys/gals) [obvs as this number gets bigger, our groups can get bigger… Come on BoJo tell us we can!!]
  • Everyone is camping. Unless you are already in a ‘bubble’ you should be in your own tent. HOFNAR can provide equipment should you need it. The tents will all be well spaced (which may help with some of the snoring!!)
  • You will need to make your own way to come play – sharing vehicles should only be done by fellow members of your ‘bubble’
  • Breakfast will still be provided as usual by HOFNAR – but do bring your own plate / bowl / mug / spork…
  • We must keep our distance from each other, so no human pyramids 🙁
  • The activities, whether it be surfing or canoeing, will be operated by our usual suppliers and they too will take precautions to ensure the kit is clean of THE DISEASE!! 🙂

So I reckon we can do all this and still have a wicked time. Hopefully we can have slightly bigger groups soon.





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