Llangollen in August

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For this trip we went a little bit luxury and stayed in hotel!! Oooh!
We stayed at The Hand hotel, right in the centre of town. It’s a little bit beaten up around the ages, but the rooms were clean and a full fry up each morning was definitely welcome!!

We had a small crew that weekend; Daniel was the trip leader, Mel, Greg, Jillian, Chloe and Karl. Karl was first to arrive and started a welcome party in the car park…. better than it sounds, LOLs!

We all went out for dinner, and we ended up in a late bar there, Karl got ‘accused’ of being a golfer which was a bit strange and then a few went for a midnight dip in the River Dee!

Saturday saw us rent e-bikes from Bear Trax & Drosi Bikes – we ended up doing a “figure of 8” around the area, the e-bikes are pretty good bits of kit and although you still have to peddle and put some effort in, they kind of offer you assistance. We ended up doing 36km with a dip in the river halfway round, it was SO good but the steep road back into Llangollen was deffo a bit hairy on the way down!

That evening we went canoeing with Bearded Men Adventures and went over the Pontcysyllte aqueduct – this thing is insane. It carries the Trevor canal 38m above the ground and there is no ledge, literally 5cm of metal holding the water (and you)… amazing.

We had burgers at The Three Eagles that night, but everyone was knackered and so it was early nights all round – ready to rejoin the Bearded Men the next morning for River Tubing.

I can’t tell you how much fun this was – we belly laughed from start to finish as we bobbed through the rapids and then after scampi and chips we went back up to the river and spent the afternoon jumping off the rocks and lazing in the sunshine….

This was such a dreamy trip…