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  • Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

    Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

    Well, obviously this maybe out of date as I type, but as of 16 Nov 21 this is where we are at… (For the most up to date rules check out UK government info here and French government info here) I know there are all kinds of viewpoints / opinions on all of this Covid […]

  • Summer 21 and the Covid

    Summer 21 and the Covid

    Hey team Super excited to be getting back to ‘normal’ and even more excited that we are going to be running our trips. BOIYAKASHA! We do still need to be ware of this Covid stuff and as such we need to make sure we are doing a few bits and pieces to make sure that […]

  • Hey team, Sorry I’ve not been in touch – this whole pandemic has sent us reeling a little. Mainly because at this time of year we would normally be super busy having the best time in the snow with you guys… as a result I’ve been twiddling my thumbs a little trying to work out […]

  • Ladies, all the ladies!

    Ladies, all the ladies!

    In recent years there’s been a real growth in women-only travel and indeed solo travelling women-only holidays. There’s a whole host of reasons for this ‘phenomenon’ – it’s a great idea; being part of a ‘girl gang’ somehow makes everyone there feel more involved, more relaxed from the get-go, there’s so much encouragement and laughter. […]

  • That bloody Covid won’t ruin my ski trip – here’s how!

    That bloody Covid won’t ruin my ski trip – here’s how!

    Thanks Bozza – I feel the waters just got slightly muddier with respect to that winter break we are all longing for. It’s not all doom and gloom though we (as are most of our fellow chalet operators in Morzine) as excited as ever to be welcoming you this winter. The first snows are set […]

  • Ski pass fire sale!

    Ski pass fire sale!

    Bonjour team! I can’t believe this whole virus thing is still going on – it’s not funny anymore… we need stuff to look forward to. And so we are pressing ahead with our planning for next winter – but this email isn’t entirely about that. Friday 29th May (This coming Friday!) at 7am they are selling […]

  • Where’s your head at?!

    Where’s your head at?!

    Life can be an arse. Fact. The drudgery of the 9-5, family pressures, a complicated partner, money worries, health worries… LIFE! It’s weird – you can be perfectly fine, everything is going great… but somehow you can just feel MISERABLE! And your head can be your own worst enemy – it’ll blow everything out of […]

  • All I want for Christmas..

    All I want for Christmas..

    Dear Father Christmas. There are SO many toys I want… obvs I want a new set of skis, a snowboard (one for the park, one for the pow and a split board). I could do with my own surf board (it’s gonna have to be massive because I’m rubbish)… now a bike… don’t get me […]

  • The five most annoying things when travelling.

    The five most annoying things when travelling.

    Travelling (and mostly I’m talking about flying) should be smooth, calm, relaxing, enjoyable… but it’s weird how seemingly little things can end up being the most annoying thing in the world. I’m sure we all have different things that annoy the hell out of us (please do add them in the comments below), but here […]