Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

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Well, obviously this maybe out of date as I type, but as of 16 Nov 21 this is where we are at…

(For the most up to date rules check out UK government info here and French government info here)

I know there are all kinds of viewpoints / opinions on all of this Covid stuff, but we are keen to encourage all of our guests (and indeed all visitors) to play by the rules. We all want to ski this winter, let’s not get shut down again…. BRING ON THE SNOW!

This info is for travellers coming from / going to the UK – rules for other countries may vary...

To come into France:

  • You need to be double jabbed (fully vaccinated) to enter France Switzerland (apparently dancing on tables in Happy Hours bar is not an essential reason for travel)
    • You need to present a ‘Statement of Honour’ for the French (click here to download)
    • You need to present a passenger locater form for the Swiss (click here to download) [obvs this is only needed if you are coming in via Switzerland / Geneva]
    • You also need to present proof of your vaccination – the NHS app (not the Covid one) has a bar code & record of your jabs. (click here)

Whilst in France:

In order to enter hotels, bars, nightclubs, seedy spit ‘n sawdust joints and our chalets you need to show your ‘Pass Sanitaire’ (Health Pass) – this is found in an app (the web page is in French, the app though is written in English!) called TousAntiCovid – download this app (click here)

  • The barcodes you get on the NHS app is recognised by the French app. So, download both apps onto your phone and then you need to get the NHS barcodes onto TousAntiCovid.

Read more here ->

Your barcodes are valid for a month so get this done a bit of time ahead of your trip. It is a bit fiddly, you can download your NHS barcodes – it might be worth printing them out onto paper and then scanning them into the French app that way.

  • You are also expected to carry ID with you to prove the barcode belongs to you.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in enclosed public places – including transfer vans, shops etc

Returning to the UK:

The current rules are listed here but in a nutshell:

  • You need to have a Covid test booked. It needs to be taken on day 2 after your return. You can arrange it before you leave the UK in the first place – click here
  • Whilst in France and up to 48 hours before you return home you need to have filled out the UK passenger locater form – click here

…. and that’s it!




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