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  • Wrist guard or no wrist guard?

    Wrist guard or no wrist guard?

    We get asked this loads by beginner snowboarders. There is a debate out there and there is truth on both sides of the discussion but from our own experience the most common snowboard injury is a damaged wrist… People do say that if you wear a wrist guard then the injury sustained is more likely […]

  • Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

    Skiing in France 2021/22 Covid rules

    Well, obviously this maybe out of date as I type, but as of 16 Nov 21 this is where we are at… (For the most up to date rules check out UK government info here and French government info here) I know there are all kinds of viewpoints / opinions on all of this Covid […]

  • Early Bird discount ends!

    Early Bird discount ends!

    This is just a real short note to say get your place booked for skiing / boarding asap as the 10% off EarlyBird booking discount ends on the 31 Aug! Next Tuesday!! Use code EB22 at the checkout… AND if you have been away with us before you are ALSO entitled to £50 off MATESRATES! […]

  • That bloody Covid won’t ruin my ski trip – here’s how!

    That bloody Covid won’t ruin my ski trip – here’s how!

    Thanks Bozza – I feel the waters just got slightly muddier with respect to that winter break we are all longing for. It’s not all doom and gloom though we (as are most of our fellow chalet operators in Morzine) as excited as ever to be welcoming you this winter. The first snows are set […]

  • Ski pass fire sale!

    Ski pass fire sale!

    Bonjour team! I can’t believe this whole virus thing is still going on – it’s not funny anymore… we need stuff to look forward to. And so we are pressing ahead with our planning for next winter – but this email isn’t entirely about that. Friday 29th May (This coming Friday!) at 7am they are selling […]

  • Where’s your head at?!

    Where’s your head at?!

    Life can be an arse. Fact. The drudgery of the 9-5, family pressures, a complicated partner, money worries, health worries… LIFE! It’s weird – you can be perfectly fine, everything is going great… but somehow you can just feel MISERABLE! And your head can be your own worst enemy – it’ll blow everything out of […]

  • Ski or board, which is easier to learn?

    Ski or board, which is easier to learn?

    Ah. The million dollar question. If you speak to keen skiers or snowboarders their answer will almost definitely be biased towards their way of sliding. There still is a (mostly gentle) banter that goes on between skiers and boarders, but frankly as long as you are sliding down a mountain with a smile on your […]

  • Ready to go off piste? Five top tips…

    Ready to go off piste? Five top tips…

    What’s off piste? I suppose that’s the first question. In short it’s anything that’s not a groomed run. It can be just the little bit off the side or between runs, but it can be the desolate empty beautiful wilderness away from the crowds. It can be wind swept, icy and hard work or it […]

  • What’s the snow going to be like?

    What’s the snow going to be like?

    This is probably the most common question we get asked when people are thinking about booking one of our ski / snowboard trips… What am I? Some kind of wizard?! Frankly any weather report more than 3 days in advance is mostly guess work. In these weird days of weather it’s pretty tricky to predict […]

  • Should I wear a helmet?

    Should I wear a helmet?

    The short answer is YES! Every year we see more and more people wearing helmets. EVERYONE wears a helmet while riding a bike for sport, so why not on the snow…? In fact now there are several insurance companies that insist on it. If you are thinking of not wearing a lid it might be […]