‘Doing a season’

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Sounds easy doesn’t it! And now you get paid properly it’s a really great option to do either before you get started or as a career break. It used to be the case that you would be paid peanuts because you were having a ‘great experience’ – not so these days, the minimum wage applies as it does at home and particularly in France the authorities make sure you get it!

There are loads of jobs up for grabs and now (August/September) is the time to be looking out for that perfect position, everyone is hiring!

If you have a particular resort in mind they often have a Facebook recruitment page or in our case, a community magazine that has a jobs page. We’re based in Morzine, France and they have both – but don’t be shy in approaching individual companies directly.

There are loads of different jobs available and before you apply you need to work out what you can do and what you want from your job… Obviously if you are driving you may need specific categories or even a CPC type licence. Some jobs require language skills. But maybe the most important thing you need to work out is how much snow time (and even partying time) your job will give you.

Chalet host jobs often mean you have to squeeze just the odd couple of hours of mountain time here and there, driving jobs might mean that the late night parties are off limits. Nannying jobs are famous for keeping you away from any of the fun stuff!

We (the HOFNAR experience) take on staff each year and we receive so many RUBBISH CVs – this may mean we are missing out on people, but frankly poorly laid out, badly spelt, missing vital information and no cover letter… are all really simple errors that just move you off the list.

There are two main job sites, but once again try and tailor your application to individual companies … the scatter gun approach won’t land you the best job. Find something that will suit you and focus. Write a good friendly introduction and then attach a CV that’s relevant to the job you go for.

If you fancy working for us – get in touch today. We are looking for 5 people to run our two chalets. We run things a little different to ordinary chalet companies and we expect great things! Smiley, confident, fun, great cook, driver, skier or snowboarder, preferably a French speaker and you need to be AWESOME!


‘Doing a season’ is a must do. Hanging out in the mountains, partying, making great new life-long friends and having the time of your life. DO IT!