Your mates are RUBBISH!

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Well, they are a bit aren’t they?

At uni we all had a big squad of pals through lectures or through sports teams and other clubs. Everyone was always up for doing stuff; going out, going away, living life to the max.

I get loads of people saying they wish they could go away and do as much as I do. I’m always away on a little adventure but I really don’t think it’s because I’m lucky, special or anything like that… it’s because I just do it and don’t wait for my mates, if I did I wouldn’t do anything!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do everything as a solo traveller and friends do come along, but invariably I’ll book something and tell my mates if they really want to join me, just book it.

Everyone is always keen when you talk to them about going on a trip, but when it comes to asking for a deposit… There are too many excuses for most people; I’ve got work (again), my partner doesn’t like it, kids, I’m decorating my bathroom, I’m skint, I’m saving… blah blah blah…

In the end this is why solo travel is the best. Sure your mates can join you if they want – but book a trip that you want to do and if they can / really want to, they’ll book too. If not you still have an adventure awaiting and they ‘ll be telling you that you are SO lucky… it’s not luck it’s just a mindset.

Do it. The hardest part is that first trip. If you wait any longer you might not go anywhere and you’ll turn into Bridget Jones (or male equivalent!)