Are you piste fit?!

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For most of us we get one week in the mountains – this can be a huge change of pace for mind and body… to make the most of your trip, it helps to be at least a little bit fit. The sooner you can get working on a few moves, the better.

Now for those of you who have met me (Daniel) you’ll know I’m hardly athletic, however I know a few people who are and YouTube is a God for exercise videos.

Our friends in Morzine Mountain Rehab run a gym and physio clinic so they should know, check out their top tips :

There’s a pretty nice article in The Telegraph, but if you are like me you’ll need to be beasted! Keep an eye out for the ski fit classes that start appearing in the gyms. I particularly love the outdoors and camaraderie ethos of the Be Military Fit group, who are in loads of parks all over the country. You could even get a work out from our mate Mikey who’s a HOFNAR regular and runs his own Personal Fitness business, Back to the Fitness.

So get started now – as far as we can work out, it’s mostly about the lunge but get active. It’ll make your trip better. You’ll ride for longer, you’ll aprés harder… it’s fully worth it – and stretch!