Top 4 tips for a great GoPro movie

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So many people come on our trips come armed with all kinds of wearable ‘action cameras’ – most commonly the GoPro. Fantastic, fully encouraged we loving seeing your videos.

But, some of them are pretty rubbish and / or never make it for public viewing!

Now, I’m not a pro but I see basic errors all the time and I reckon these little tips on making the perfect holiday action vid should be taken on board by every budding Scorcese.

Bring all the kit

I know, it sounds ridiculous but make sure you pack the charging cable, the memory card, the battery, the spare battery, the waterproof case, the cable to put it on the telly. Download the app and play with the camera before you come away. And when you are away charge all your batteries every night and then when you do go out for the day take the spare battery, take the spare memory card. Be like a scout, be prepared!

Shoot the sky

Don’t shoot the sky! Particularly if you are wearing it (probably looking like a teletubby) make sure the camera points where you want it to. Not just when you are standing there beforehand, but get in the position you’re going to be riding, skiing, surfing etc. Get a mate to check it for you and do do the stupid sounding ‘is it on yet’ – there’s nothing worse than filming something errrmazin to then realise you hadn’t pressed record.

Shorter is better

Correct. Just record short segments of things that you think will be ace. The people who leave their camera filming for hours on end have the worst, most dull footage. It’s then a nightmare to find the 3 seconds of amazing footage and it’s dull as dishwater for others as you go back over the days events that evening. Take short, well thought out clips. Change the angle, crouch down, get your mate to wear it, go ahead and film someone coming towards you… and get close! The wide angle lenses mean you need to be really close to the subject in the film or else that dot in the distance doesn’t look as epic as it should do.

Did I say short?

Edit your vid as soon as you can. Whilst you are still keen. Do it on the plane ride home… the longer you leave it, the less likely you are to produce your masterpiece. For a holiday vid you have to keep it short, have some wicked music and even some chat. Nobody is interested in a hour long blow-by-blow account of your trip. 1.5 maybe 2 minutes… no more!

Good luck team, let’s see your films… tag it #hofnarexperience

Lights, camera, ACTION!!