Summer in the mountains? Really!!??

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Yep, really. In many ways the mountains are way better during the summer. Obvs, my passion and first love is the snow and all things sliding – but during the summer the mountains are B. E. A. UTIFUL!!

And, they can get super warm.

What’s not love about wild swimming in a mountain lake, spotting the really cool wildlife (think chamois deer, golden eagle, marmot or even the bearded vulture!)

There is so much to do – tear down the mountain bike trails or hike for miles, glide through the skies in a parapente or have a boozey picnic at the top of a mountain. Perfect.

In Morzine many of the ski lifts are open, meaning you don’t have to peddle uphill too often – unless you want to.

Life’s not a beach, Life’s the mountains.