Where’s your head at?!

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Life can be an arse. Fact.

The drudgery of the 9-5, family pressures, a complicated partner, money worries, health worries… LIFE!

It’s weird – you can be perfectly fine, everything is going great… but somehow you can just feel MISERABLE!

And your head can be your own worst enemy – it’ll blow everything out of proportion, it’ll make you focus on minute detail and make it feel like you are being swallowed up.

The truth is that all of these thoughts and worries happen to everyone, the hard part is that some people find it harder than others to ‘bat off’ the negative thoughts, to clear the demons and keep the clouds from settling over their head…

Now I’m no professional, I can’t even spell sykologee… and I know there is actual depression which is really horrible and should involve proper clever people / doctors… but more often than not if you can keep the ‘magic three’ stable, you’ll keep your head stable

  • Sleep well
  • Eat well
  • Exercise well

And here at HOFNAR we see this in action; particularly exercising, being active, being social and being part of a gang.

Whether you are sliding down the mountain at 110mph or being thrown about by the ocean seeking a wave – it’s all about survival. Your bloody annoying head doesn’t have time to be worried, to be anxious. And so it can relax, the clouds will clear a little and the positive, more vibrant, more energetic you can shine through.

People often ask me how I relax – I can’t relax. If I sit still a million things fill my head, lying on a sun lounger is not a good option for me… so let’s get up that mountain, paddle out into those waves and let’s keep our heads clear.

Get out and DO STUFF!