Ready for Brexit?

HA! More like neverexit…

One day our politicians might work it out for us. We’re ready for anything here at the HOFNAR experience. Obviously our UK activities are entirely unaffected, but for our European operations we are braced and ready for whatever is thrown at us.

The HOFNAR experience Ltd now has a French branch called The HOFNAR experience Ltd (similar to our UK name, but said in an outrageous French accent)

Our staff in France are employed on French contracts and within the French payment system. So frankly, whether we stay in, stay a bit in or leave completely we’ll still be offering our awesome trips in the Alps unhindered.

And – as you fly into Geneva (Switzerland), flights should also be unaffected.

The only real difference for you, our guest, is that the prices of the trips are going to have to rise. Staff costs alone have almost doubled as a result of this transition (and changes in employment law) and now being partly French we have to pay way more in taxes 🙁

Our price list for winter 2019/20 should be ready in the next week or so. If the winter is anything like last year, it’s going to be EPIC!

Ignore this Brexit shizzle and come throw yourself down a mountain!