is it worth going on a dry ski slope?

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Definitely. It is of course true to say that it is not much like the snow, it is true to say that it hurts more when you fall over and it is true to say that if you have one of those giant fridge places with artificial snow inside they are more like the real thing… but if you have never been before, getting on the dry slope can give you the head start that sees you zooming down the slopes way quicker than the average beginner.

I first put skis on at Telford dry ski slope in Shropshire. It really gets you used to just wearing the boots, having a plank or planks attached to your feet and gives you an inkling of how to stop, what ‘uphill’ is, and how it feels to be sliding. All sounds a bit basic – but weirdly it’s these simple things that can throw a first timer and learning to ski or snowboard is a mental as well as a physical challenge.

Some of the slopes have really good social scenes and even have race clubs and put up parks. The slope in Norfolk has all kinds of events and has a really good community atmosphere.

The RideStore just published the “Ultimate Guide To Indoor Skiing & Dry Slopes In The UK” and it’s a fantastic article.

It includes interviews with ski instructors from across the UK, along with a visual representation of all the current snow centres – all reviewed by UK freeriding champion, Angelica Sykes.

There are over 60 slopes in the UK, there must be one near you. The Ski Club of Great Britain put a map together – click here.

Go give it a go!