Hallowe’en surf trip 2022

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We had a blast.

In the end there were 27 of us staying at Retorrick Mill. The weather was a real mixed bag. Saturday morning the waves were a bit sketchy and the current was insane, but a few of us went in in the afternoon also and found some good ones, while the others took refuge in The MerryMoor…

The Hallowe’en party really kicked off with the locals pulling out all the stops for fancy dress. The HOFNAR crew held their own – we had an elf, we had Austrians, zombie surfers, pirates, The Addams family as well as many others and I (Daniel) was Ronald McDonald…. turns out some people really hate clowns.

The party was ace and ended with a blast from the past from THE ARTFUL DODGER! Amazing!!

Sunday we surfed again and the rain / horrendous wind stopped to give us some really great wave; clean with a nice period between waves – there was quite a large number who couldn’t make it that morning, they blamed the surf board of jager….