What’s the snow going to be like?

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This is probably the most common question we get asked when people are thinking about booking one of our ski / snowboard trips…

What am I? Some kind of wizard?!

Frankly any weather report more than 3 days in advance is mostly guess work.

In these weird days of weather it’s pretty tricky to predict anything – however the snow for us (in Morzine/Avoriaz) tends to arrive in November and then almost immediately disappear. This is ok, what we want at this time is for it to get cold, and stay cold to ensure that the ground is frozen, ready for the dump.

As we go towards the end of November and into December the snow starts to form a good base. We can get some awesome powder days – but it’s probably best to stay on the piste, venturing off piste at the beginning of the season can get you hitting roots, rocks and all kinds of danger.

January is a brilliant time to come to the mountains. There’s generally a good base, and consistent snowfall, and the slopes are deserted, but it can be F-ING cold! Not as chilly as Canada, but with windchill you can sometimes find -20 here and there. Don’t forget your long-johns!

February is possibly the month for the best snow vs best weather – but watch out for those school holidays. Where we are it’s so vast it’s not the end of the world, but if you can avoid ‘Paris week’ then you’ll see less people skiing in jeans on snow blades, which is always a good thing.

March and April are epic – but expect spring conditions. It can often be icy first thing with the best quality snow for a few hours in the middle and then turning to slush in the afternoon – but frankly, I love it. Eating outside, riding with no jacket, brilliant aprés, mountain picnics, hanging out in the park… This is THE time to be on the mountain.

That all having been said… who knows.

We’ve had brilliantly deep powder days during the first AND the last weeks of the season. Last February (2019) it was amazingly warm, the year before it was chucking it down with snow at the closing parties…

The best thing to do is book several weeks throughout the season and make sure you stay with a group where you’ll have a blast whatever the weather (US?!)