That sinking feeling

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I’m not a strong swimmer. I mean, I’m ok – but I don’t think I could rescue you and I’m always a little unsettled when I can’t touch the bottom. I think it hinders me; my paddling whilst surfing is the least efficient thing ever and it makes me not overly keen to ‘go out back.’ It makes me think twice before I jump off that rock and if I’m underwater whilst rafting for a touch too long I think I start to panic.

This summer I’m going to get better.

If you are or indeed become a parent get your kids swimming asap. It’s definitely a life skill. Not only from a life saving point of view but it builds a confidence that goes deeper into a person’s psyche than just splashing about in the water.

Learning as an adult is tough. (Check out Ben Field’s account in The Guardian) You need one on one lessons in your local pool. Don’t be embarrassed, the more time you spend in the water the stronger you’ll be.

As for me, I’m watching YouTube vids on technique. I’m asking my friends for pointers and maybe I’ll even get a instructor to give me a few tips. I feel I’m currently a bit like an oil tanker, probably with a hole in one side lurching through the water.

Next time you see me I’ll have a pair of red Speedoes on heroically swimming to save someone (obviously in slow motion)

Water confidence is life confidence. Go on, dive in.