Old Skool Snowboard Crew

27th Feb (Chalet Armaillis) or 27 Mar 2021 (Chalet Skade)


It used to be the case where we’d all go out as mates, all on boards and all on the same kind of programme.

These weeks (headed up by HOFNAR hero Gregg Speller) are set to go back to that mindset. A laid-back, easy-riding, hanging-out-together kind of crew.

Let’s hang out in the park, let’s ride through the trees, let’s grab a box of beers and build a kicker, let’s do stupid stuff for the camera, let’s try some off piste, let’s get a guide in…

These weeks are super chilled, all-inclusive and for any level of rider… hanging out with riders who are at a similar or a touch better level than you is a brilliant way to improve your skills. Through mutual encouragement and a shared passion for all things snowboard, we can lay down that new trick, we can switch things up….

Let’s do this!