Winter 20/21 – The Covid Plan

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None of this affects our normal booking conditions and is in addition to those outlined on the website:

You should also be aware that some of the in-resort practises may be further enhanced, but we’ll keep you posted as / when this comes about.

General financial:

  • If we have to cancel or France is closed due to Covid restrictions you will get all your money back including your deposit. Except if this happens whilst you are actually on holiday with us, in which case you would not get any money back.
  • If France becomes ‘only for essential travel’ on the FCO list for the period of your holiday you will get all of your money back including your deposit. Except if this happens whilst you are actually on holiday with us, in which case you would not get any money back.
  • If France becomes one of the ‘you need to quarantine on return’ countries – your holiday is unaffected and we will offer no refund or exchange as we will continue to operate.
  • ‘Extras’ such as transfers, lift passes, lessons will be refunded as long as they are cancelled more than 7 days before.
  • If you or any of your party develop Covid or symptoms of Covid just before your trip (up to 14 days) you must not come. You will not be reimbursed, but you will be able to move your holiday to any week during this (winter 20/21) or the following season (winter 21/22) at no extra cost and join one of our regular trips. We will however ask to see a doctor’s note / positive test result to confirm this.

(If you are part of a group booking this would be for an individual(s) within that group. The rest of the booking/your group would not be affected.)

  • If you develop Covid whilst in resort – you will be expected to get tested and move to containment accommodation at your own expense. In this case you would not receive any refund from HOFNAR for missing out on holiday time.

Changeover day & cleaning:

We want to ensure that there is a clean break, and to do a particularly deep clean from week to week, to protect our guests and staff.

  • Both chalets will be kept completely empty except for cleaning staff between 9:30am to 4:30pm on Saturdays. Guests will vacate the premises early and check-in will be after 4:30pm. There will be separate luggage storage facilities for those arriving/leaving resort during these times. We are unable to offer changing facilities or showers during the day.
  • As usual the chalets will be thoroughly aired and cleaned each Saturday. We will use anti-viral products and there will be particular attention to ‘high touch’ areas.
  • As usual the hot tub (Chalet Skade) will be completely emptied every Saturday, the filters will be changed and the whole area cleaned with anti-viral products.
  • The sauna will not be in use this winter. (Except for sole occupancy, private chalet hire groups)
  • We will be cleaning thoroughly each day as per usual, we will also clean all bathrooms daily. Particular attention will be given to ‘high touch’ areas and anti-viral products will be used.
  • Every day we will air the chalet and ensure that all windows are open for as long as possible.

The Staff:

Obviously, the team who run the chalets really make our holidays and their involvement in your trip is what makes us stand out from other holiday companies.

  • We will take on extra staff.
  • The staff will take on more cleaning duties than on previous seasons and will be less available during the day.
  • The staff will take extra care preparing your meals and wear PPE whilst cleaning in your rooms. They will be briefed on best cleaning practises and checked by management to ensure they are adhered to.

Your responsibilities:

  • In the lead up to your holiday please do take particular cautions at home and try not to come into contact with too many people. We really don’t want you to bring this thing to us. Please do be particularly careful on public transport… including the plane and transfer van! If you can come to us by car, we have parking available.
  • There will be sanitiser all over the place, but we will ask you to wash your hands each and every time you come into the chalet and we ask you to wash hands more regularly than normal. The chalet staff will be reminding you to do so. (It’ll be like having your mum on holiday with you)
  • If you have a cold or sickness of any kind we will ask you to wear a mask at all times in communal areas of the chalet.
  • If you develop symptoms of Covid whilst you are with us we will arrange for you to be tested and you will be asked to stay in containment accommodation at your own expense.
  • You will be required to wear masks in the transfer vans from the airport, on some ski lifts, on buses, in shops and also in bars when not sat at a table. Please be strict with yourself and with others in the group…
  • If you are exempt from wearing a mask – you must let us know in advance and must bring documentation to support this.
  • As usual, you must have travel insurance, including winter sports cover. There are a number of insurance providers offering cover for Covid-19 and we strongly advise you take out one of these policies.

Each of our chalets will act as a ‘bubble’ for the week and we will ask you to try to limit contact with people outside of that group. We will of course be ‘contact tracing’ should any cases come to light and we ask you to be open to this.

I feel as we get closer to the winter things will become clearer and easier, but we may add to this list as the French government introduces further measures.

We are visitors to a small mountain community and I would hate it if we were the ones to bring the lurgy to them. Together we can keep a grip on this, but it will require some inconveniencing of all of us.

We are fully ready for the snow and we look forward to seeing you there.