All I want for Christmas..

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Dear Father Christmas.

There are SO many toys I want… obvs I want a new set of skis, a snowboard (one for the park, one for the pow and a split board). I could do with my own surf board (it’s gonna have to be massive because I’m rubbish)… now a bike… don’t get me started; a bmx (The Source Park in Hastings is errmazin), a downhill bike (Morzine in the summer is SICK!), I could do with a good enduro bike…and now I’m getting a touch older it’s time I put on some lycra and got a roadie bike too…

Then, of course Santa, I need all the kit to go with my toys… boots, wetsuits, a light jacket, a warm jacket, a waterproof jacket, cameras, drones and of course the lycra… then of course I also want a hot air balloon…

Or I might just book myself on a trip where the kit is provided…

I want, I want, I want.

Santa, I promise I’ll be good.

Please don’t give me coal…well maybe I deserve a little bit of coal – surely it’s BORING to be good all year. Just the lycra will be fine.

Thanks Big Guy