The five most annoying things when travelling.

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Travelling (and mostly I’m talking about flying) should be smooth, calm, relaxing, enjoyable… but it’s weird how seemingly little things can end up being the most annoying thing in the world. I’m sure we all have different things that annoy the hell out of us (please do add them in the comments below), but here are my top five.

TBH there are way more than five and I struggled to bring it down… am I the Victor Meldrew of travel? FFS….

1: Other people. OMG other people are annoying. Don’t get me started on them not being ready for security, or queuing up for hours at the departure date or standing up as soon as the plane stops, or having the wrong size bag, or talking loudly on their phone in the quiet carriage, or leaning their chair back all the way or just dithering. FFS, keep moving people. AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!

2: Delays. Of course if you get onto a tube platform in London and it says the train will be more than 2 minutes, you’re fully entitled to be peeed off. But when you have a full day of travel planned and the first train messes it up. Jeez, that burns. Hold your nerve, there’s dollar to be claimed; anything over 15minutes on the train could see you winning (DelayRepay) and anything over 3hrs on the plane (click here) could see you claiming a profit! (click here)

3: Announcements. ‘The train now arriving at...’ and ‘The gate for your plane is now closing…’ Completely fine, but pretty much everything else. Shut up!! ‘Mind the gap,’ ‘Don’t lose your bags,’ ‘Stand on the right,’ ‘Don’t do this, do do that‘ … Argh the noise!!!

4: The price. Why can’t it be more simple? I realise the transport companies need to maximise profits using their yield management systems, but how can it cost £35 to fly to Norway, yet £100 to get the train to Manchester. And don’t get me started on train fares – you need a degree just to work out what & when you can and cannot. All the time the train is SO expensive and complicated, of course you’ll choose flying. It should be expensive to fly and cheap to train…

5: Baggage. It’s almost as if transport in this country doesn’t want you to have any bags. How is it on airlines a person weighing 50kg has the same allowance as a 100kg person like me? Surely they should be able to carry more…. On the trains there’s barely any space for bags, bikes and if you are bringing a surf board you might get turfed off! And then on top of that people having bags they cannot carry slowing everything up, trolley suitcases in crowded areas, bags falling out of overhead lockers and dogs in bags annoy the hell out of me…

Rant over.

Phew, that feels better – got a rant, let us know below!