Should I wear a helmet?

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The short answer is YES!

Every year we see more and more people wearing helmets. EVERYONE wears a helmet while riding a bike for sport, so why not on the snow…?

In fact now there are several insurance companies that insist on it. If you are thinking of not wearing a lid it might be worth checking your insurance docs just in case.

I am quite guilty for going out without one – particularly when it’s scorching hot… but it does worry more and more. Is that because it’s more dangerous or is it because there’s more hype on social media and as a result more frowning from the helmeted…?

Not sure.

For me, I am more inclined to don the lid when the pistes are busy. It’s not particularly my riding I’m worried about (I’m not one for hitting stuff in the park) – but there are plenty of out-of-control people flying around at all angles. Banging heads with them or a rogue ski-to-the-head… definitely a good reason to put the lid on.

And because of that I fully recommend wearing a helmet – renting them is easy, but if you are a regular skier / boarder, definitely buy one and wear one.

Tips for buying a helmet:

  • Don’t buy online. Try loads on. Take your time, go to different shops and try different brands. Try not to get a BONE DOME! You know, the one that make you look like some kind of pipette / space alien / roll-on deodorant.
  • Think warmth, think cool. If you can get a ‘warm bit’ that’ll pop in and out and vents in the top (that open and close) you’ll be set for all conditions.
  • Do the head wobble. When you shake your head the helmet shouldn’t move too much. That having been said don’t make it so tight you give yourself a headache.
  • A well fitting helmet shouldn’t have room for a beanie underneath, not goggles. I know all the cool kids wear them like that – but you end up with a sloppy helmet and nobody likes that.
  • Take your goggles with you. As much as it isn’t about how you look… it IS entirely about how you look. The punter gap needs to be avoided at all costs, otherwise you’ll be called Jerry by EVERYONE and nobody will ride with you. Jerry?!
  • Built in visor? Please, no.
  • Full face helmet? Erm, some people love a Ruroc… I kind of want to, but…

Got any tips? What do you reckon on the visor? The full face? Let us know in the comments below!!

tips for buying a ski helmet