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  • Surfing, the next step

    Surfing, the next step

    Loads of people go surfing – have a few lessons, stand up, ride into the beach, in the frothy water, in a straight line. Completed it mate… not quite. This is the first step though and brilliant fun that it is, you’ve work to do before people will mistake you for Kelly Slater. The next […]

  • chill at the mill

    chill at the mill

    Music festivals are two-a-penny these days and with the big ones meaning large price tags, long walks, rubbish camping, long queues and miniscule views… I’ve gone off them. Luckily for us there is a tiny (some might say boutique) festival that for us is how a festival should be. Chill at the Mill is held […]

  • Mates’ Rates

    Mates’ Rates

    We want you to come back! As a result once you have been on a trip with us for at least 2 nights you are entitled to the Mates’ Rates discount on all future HOFNAR trips! Typically this is £50 off a ski / snowboard trip and £25 off a UK surf camp… just ask […]