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After the excesses of winter, and the failed New Year’s resolutions come hang out with us in the mountains for a week completely different to our normal HOFNAR trips. Relax, recharge, reset.

  • No booze
  • No caffeine
  • Loads of exercise in the fresh air
  • Healthy eating
  • Vote on when we turn the wi-fi off or we’ll go for the full digital detox!

Typical daily programme:

  • Early wake up
  • Morning workout alongside the banks of the River Dranse
  • Breakfast of fresh fruit, protein-rich eggs, herbal tea and decaf coffee
  • Nature is good for us! Every day we’ll go biking, hiking, rafting, climbing or wild swimming. It’s a great time of year for spotting wildlife and we’ll keep an eye out for Chamois deer and the elusive marmot. There are no lifts operating at this time of year so we’ll be taking on a few of these hills!
  • We’ll be doing yoga and meditation sessions each day, sometimes at the top of a mountain.
  • In the evenings we’ll eat well, but healthily with an emphasis on fresh local food and plenty of fruit and vegetables (Click here for example menu)

Our programme will be co-ordinated by local and qualified fitness and yoga instructors, with guides taking us on the other activities.

For our regular guests, more used to beer on tap and local cheese overload, this week will be a little bit of a challenge… can you do it?