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If you have never been away on a ski / snowboard trip before – it’s quite understandable that you might be a little confused about what you should be taking with you. The whole thing can be a little overwhelming.

The first thing you need to know is that (unless you’re going to some poncey posh St Moritz type place) everything is super chill and you don’t need to bring fancy clothes, shoes or any of that jazz. Practical is fashion!

And if this is your first time skiing or snowboarding, don’t go spending loads of money on kit before you know if you are going to use it again! Borrow off friends, use the likes of Ebay or even Aldi / Lidl have pretty cheap kit, TKMaxx is a good source and Decathlon is the dream.

> Socks – You can buys specific ski socks, but don’t buy the cheapest ones. You want the ones which have a little ‘shape definition.’ And if you don’t use specific ski ones use long thin socks and maybe wear two pairs.

> Thermals – You don’t need uber expensive technical thermals. The key is to dress in layers, use a pair of thick tights, wear several t-shirts and a warm jumper.

> Snow trousers – sometimes called salopettes. You could wear waterproof trousers and wear layers underneath… You just want to make sure that if you are sitting in the snow you’re not going to get wet. If you can go high waisted then even better, nobody likes snow in their underwear.

> Snow jacket – some go heavy and thick, some go light and waterproof. I guess it depends in how confident you are in your layers! I do recommend one with a pocket in the sleeve for your lift pass

> Gloves or mittens… well that really is a question. Either. Again you want to make sure they are are pretty waterproof, woolen gloves don’t cut it.

> Neck warmer… the ‘schnood’ is a great idea. Perfect to pull up over your face in an icy wind.

> Goggles – for your first trip don’t spend lots of money on goggles, but try and get ones with a yellow / pink lens. In Decathlon you can get new ones for £15. I only ever wear them in bad weather or if the light goes flat…

> Wrist guards? – if you are a new snowboarder, you should definitely consider these and maybe some ‘crash pants’ – read about the debate here

> Sunglasses, the mountains get super sunny!

> Head gear – most people wear helmets and when you start out you’ll rent it with your skis or snowboard. But you deffo need a wooly hat to wear at lunchtimes or in the bar after.

> Lip balm – chapped lips are not attractive.

> Sunscreen – everyone is more susceptible to skin damage at altitude.

> Camera, and if you have a GoPro type one, even better!

> Snowboots – tbh in Morzine village you won’t need tall boots all that often. The streets are cleared pretty quick. If you are in a vehicle free high altitude resort like Avoriaz, it’s a different story – but again if it’s your first trip you could just wear wellies with thick socks.

> Swimsuit – even if your chalet doesn’t have a hot tub (our Chalet Skade does!), then bring your swimmers. Most resorts have spa facilities / pool and it’s a great way to relax your muscles after a day on the slopes.

> Fancy dress… I love a bit of on-slope daftness, bring your outfit and let’s get silly!

This list is not exhaustive… if I’ve left something out let us know in the comments below.

Packing for your ski holiday
What’s on your ski holiday packing list?